The Arts express the multiple truths of individuals and nations, of existence itself, giving sustenance, courage and beauty. Help us in the name of Gustav Mahler enable the Arts to fulfill their vital role.




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Gustav Mahler has touched untold lives through his works, communicating in his songs and symphonies life's joys and calamities and inspiring a deeply moving vision of the human condition.Mahler Foundation's mission is to channel this profound awareness - the "Mahler Effect" - into a force for positive change by creating, inspiring and supporting projects that draw upon, exemplify and further the transformative power of Gustav Mahler's legacy. Mahler Foundation was founded by Marina Mahler, whose vision and generosity is a response to her life experience as Gustav Mahler's granddaughter.

Mahler Foundation is a US 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation whose affairs are governed by a Board of Directors, chaired by Martin Campbell-White, and whose members contribute expertise in musicology, arts management, finance, law and nonprofit organizational effectiveness.Mahler Foundation's mission is supported by Honorary Members including conductors of major orchestras, and Advisory Members who are leaders in the arts.

Mahler famously said that "But now imagine such a large work in which the whole world is actually reflected – one is, so to speak, oneself merely an instrument upon which the universe plays."The instrument upon which the universe plays today is you. Please join us.

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